• Monica 250

Monica 250

Monica 250

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W 220 x L 250 + 3 canopy

  • Simplicity and compactness does not affect the quality of this durable a solid cabin
  • Fits perfectly into any garden
  • Ideal for storing tools/garden furniture
  • Beautiful wood

External Dimensions (W x D)218 x 218cm
Inside Dimensions (W x D)194 x 194cm
Surface4.75m Squared
Wall Height195cm
Ridge Height 228cm
Wood Thickness28mm
Door (W x H)79 x 174cm
Package Dimensions (L x W x H)280 x 120 x 42cm
RoofingRoofing Felt (Anthracite)
MaterialNorth European WhiteWood

Produced by first-class Scandinavian pine

Our cabins are produced from high-quality scandinavian pine. The Northern European wood is characterised by an enormous strength owing to the growth of the rings in the wood, which are close together allowing for a harder code and ultimately a more durable robust wood. in addition the spruce we use for our log cabins is carefully screened for quality assurance. As a result we can guarantee you a cabin where you can enjoy for many years.

High quality hinges and locks

This cabin comes with high quality locks and hinges, which provides an ideal storage place for valuables. With a solid lock on the door the safety of your belongings is guaranteed at all times. These hinges are adjustable to provide a smooth opening action on the doors.

Pressurised Wood

Log cabins are often impregnated with a quick immersion bath in which the wood surface only get a thin layer of protection. ODL chooses to preserve Monica log cabin up. We take the wood from your cabin first vacuum in a pressure cooker, before we press the impregnating deep into the grain of the wood. Through this process the high-quality wood do get optimum protection to keep you much longer to enjoy your cabin. In addition, your cabin gets a nice rustic feel.

If you require a concrete base, please contact us directly on 01284 388685 for a No Obligation Quote.

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